Crystal, Black Bolt & Lockjaw! New Inhumans For Marvel: CP!

November 13, 2020 by brennon

Three more Inhumans characters have been previewed by the folks at Atomic Mass Games for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. This means that we've got quite a lot of these reclusive Marvel heroes dropping in the near future, expanding the roster of options for their comic tabletop battler.

Crystal - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Crystal // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

The first of the characters is Crystal here who has the ability to psionically control the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. She can also extend her powers to govern other materials and forces like metal and electricity, making her an exceptionally powerful foe to face.

Within the Inhumans group, she is the princess of their Royal Family and sister to Medusa who is their queen. She also hangs out with her companion Lockjaw who is also part of this new preview.

Lockjaw - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Lockjaw // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Lockjaw is a massive bulldog who has a suite of abilities at his command. These include teleportation, super strength in his jaws and the ability to sense danger from astronomical distances. This makes him a damn good protector for the Inhumans and their Royal Family.

The final preview from this week is Black Bolt.

Black Bolt - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Black Bolt // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Black Bolt's signature power is his voice and whenever he speaks it creates a powerful disturbance in the air around him which could level cities. He is extremely dangerous and has undergone extensive training to make sure that he never utters a sound unless he truly wants to unleash his abilities. He can also channel his power internally making him exceptionally strong and he can also fly too.

These are some fun new options for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which show how they are exploring all manner of interesting and less explored avenues within this universe. We just need The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom and a lot of folks will be happy!

Are you tempted to snap up these new Inhumans?

"We just need The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom and a lot of folks will be happy!"

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