Cubicle 7 Lay Out New Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Accessories

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has been showing off a few goodies for those who want to expand upon their Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play collection. Accessories are always fun and they start things off with a new Gamemaster's Screen...

WFRP Gamemaster Screen - Cubicle 7

So, this seems self-explanatory but here is what you get with this...

  • The Gamemaster Screen: A four-panel standing screen covered in everything you could ever need from Conditions and Trappings to NPC Quirks and Motivations.
  • A Guide to Gamemastery: A guide to the process of building compelling campaigns and adventures. Including how to start a campaign with a bang, and loads of advice for running the best WFRP games possible ensuring they are given the depth they deserve.
  • What Makes Warhammer: Articles discussing the core themes of WFRP,  there to help you run the most Warhammery games possible.
  • Running Your Game: An examination of some of the core rules of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, including Advantage, Character Death and Dooming, Motivations, and more, all explored with new optional rules and random tables.

The pack is, therefore, more than just a screen. I do like this and anything which delivers more clues as to how you can improve your control of the game is great to read. You can always be learning when you're getting into the ol' roleplaying world around the tabletop. I still have the Starter Kit sitting waiting to be played and just need to convince some friends to get involved!

Grim Dice Trays

As well as the Gamemaster Screen you can also get your hands on three different Dice Trays.

WFRP Dice Tray - Cubicle 7

These are nice for trying to contain the explosion of dice that you find on the tabletop when you get gaming. I always like these as a nice way to just control the process and give you your own little nook in which to see if the fates are on your side. Two other designs can be found HERE so make sure to take a peek.

What do you think?

"I still have the Starter Kit sitting waiting to be played and just need to convince some friends to get involved!"

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