Embark On A Cute & Mischievous Adventure With The Adorablins

January 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Goblins have got a bit of a bad rep, haven't they? Known for their aggressive expansion in troops and utilising pesky and mischievous tactics - Gobbos just stereotypically love getting up to no good. Whether that be mounted upon a pig, making a homestead in a dirty swamp whilst powering up their fantasy-redneck engineering.

There is a new Kickstarter up, putting Goblins at the front and centre of their own story. As players journey through a pocket-sized story-telling adventure in Adorablins from Dice Up Games.

Adorablins - Kickstarter

Adorablins // Dice Up Games

Taking the role of Adorablins, players will pick from a selection of playable characters, and a choice to select one companion to walk alongside during the adventure. Do you want to pick the resourceful assistant Shroomy, or the Armoured Battle Buddies Roly & Poly? Adorablins?! Combining the words 'adorable' and 'goblins' to make a new whimsical race? Count me in!

Card Preview - Adorablins

Card Preview // Adorablins

2-5 players will take their turn in heading through a portal with their mighty companion. Through the rift, players will find challenges and objectives which require the roll of the dice. Peeling back RPG mechanics at an easy reach for ages 8+, or a quick run RPG that plays out in 30-90 minutes. Depending on how creative your narrator is.

The game uses the Apocalypse system which you may be familiar with if you are a fan of the likes of Apocalypse World and Avatar Legends, played out like a conversation as each player ventures further in their whimsical adventure of cards collaboratively.

Adorablins seems easy enough to pick up and is stored in a teeny tiny box that'll fit in your back pocket. The campaign has already been funded, with a good few stretch goals to be unlocked yet, along with different pledges and add-ons to bring to the mix of adorability!

I have goblins in my house. Whenever I lose something, I will tell my housemate that I have made a sacrifice to Goblins. Usually, something of equal importance turns up around the same time as losing an object. But I find they are quite attached to lighters, resource tokens from various games and cat toys. I do not think they are in cahoots with Pascal, though. This is entirely another force of evil stealing my things! 

"2-5 players will take their turn in heading through a portal with their mighty companion..."

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