Damnation! Magic The Gathering Modern Masters 2017 Is On The Way

February 28, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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It's always fun to watch the cycle of cards in circulation for Magic The Gathering, particularly when folks are anxiously awaiting the return of board wipes.

MTG MM2017

If you're one of those folks, especially if you like to run black in your Magic deck, then you will be excited to hear that Damnation (made popular in Planar Chaos) will be making its return in the Modern Masters 2017 set that drops March, 17th!

For every player smiling at this news, there's one shuddering at the thought - and plans for removal and counterspells are in the works.

MTG MM damnation

There's plenty more great things on the way in Modern Masters 2017, including great multicolour lands to encourage combos in builds. The 2017 set is a heavily multicolour set, encouraging five Ally colour pairs, each with their own strategy:

  • White-Blue Blink—Use creatures with enter-the-battlefield abilities and ways to reuse these abilities
  • Blue-Black Instant Control—Use lots of instants and counterspells to control the board
  • Black-Red Unearth—An aggressive deck that uses creatures with unearth to keep attacking
  • Red-Green Go Wide—Make tokens and use cards that make them all bigger
  • Green-White Populate—Take advantage of the populate mechanic from Return to Ravnica

Here's a look at some of the cards that are making their way to the tabletop soon...

MTG modern masters 2017

MTG modern masters 2017 2

I'm sure the magically trained amongst you can already see some rather epic combinations on show here.

What do you think about Damnation rejoining the ranks in the upcoming Modern Masters?

"...Damnation (made popular in Planar Chaos) will be making its return in the Modern Masters 2017 set that drops March 17th!"

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