Begin Your Dark Age Conquest With New The Barons’ War PDF

March 17, 2022 by brennon

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Warhost and Footsore Miniatures & Games have now released the PDF for Conquest, a brand new supplement for The Barons' War that drops you into the Dark Age battles and an age of invasion.

Conquest - The Barons War

Conquest // The Barons' War

Conquest features rules for playing as the Vikings, Late Saxons and Normans on the tabletop. You will be able to play as these factions through brutal struggles for control of small kingdoms. There are also rules included for Champions, Faction Traits and some new abilities too. You will need the original The Barons' War Rulebook though.

Whilst this starts with just three options for battling during the Dark Age, the team have promised that when new factions get added, you will get an updated file showcasing these rules. A nice little extra!

As well as the rules, there is also a themed set of Conquest Action Tokens for you to use in your games.

Conquest Action Tokens - The Barons War

Conquest Action Tokens // The Barons' War

This sheet gives you thematically appropriate options with Standard Action Tokens for Command, Move, Combat, Defence and Ability with Compulsory Action Tokens as Shocked and Broken. So, everything that you would need and a big step up from the offerings from inside the rulebook if you are so inclined.

Are you tempted to give this new supplement a go for The Barons' War?

"Conquest features rules for playing as the Vikings, Late Saxons and Normans on the tabletop..."

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