Dark Age Releases An Important Announcement For Players

December 23, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Dark Age the Sci-Fi skirmish game from CoolMiniOrNot which we featured here at BoW not too long ago has released an important announcement via their Facebook page regarding basing on some of their miniatures for the Faithful.

Here is the announcement...

Do NOT rebase your Faithfuls from 40s to 30s. We will be fixing the online Forsaken cards later today.

There was a time last year that we were going to move the resculpts to 30s, but not every facet of the process was doing so, meaning that all current printed product as well as what actual parts were being packed in the blisters never got changed over.

This means, in effect, the vast majority of players had no reason to believe Faithfuls were moved to 30mm bases from all other sources of information, something that has very recently caused some concerns for some of our fans here and on various other Dark Age fan groups.

The easiest and most efficient way to deal with this is to simply change the online errata and card documents to reflect us staying with the printed information (40mm bases).

In the future, while we might change small statistics and rule definitions on a model's card, we will do our absolute best to keep any major *product* changes (like base size, for instance), we will wait for those kinds of changes until we do a major rules or print-product release. (For example the C.O.R.E Web Update and new Faction Deck fixing the L-CSTs to 30s, as they were always meant to be)

While we do not focus our changes or alterations based on individual comments or situations, we do want our players and fans to know that we do listen to you folks. We hope you all understand, and will continue to tell us when hiccups like these happen.
Thank you!

-Dark Age-

As you can see it is nothing too earth shattering, they just want to ensure the easiest alignment for the rule changes. No Basegate here.

Have you tried Dark Age yet?

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