Celebrate DC Deck-Building Game’s 10th Anniversary

April 14, 2022 by fcostin

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Cryptozoic Entertainment is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the DC Deck-Building Game! And to share in the triumphant huzzah, they have headed over to Kickstarter for some exclusive releases focussing on the new standalone expansions DC Deck-Building Game series: Injustice, and DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals – Flash vs. Reverse-Flash, and a chance to pick up a wide range of DC Deck-Building goodies.

DC Deck-Building Game 10th Anniversary Kickstarter // Cryptozoic Entertainment

Take the Kickstarter campaign as a celebration of the timestamp, as Cryptozoic has been keen on pulling out all stops to provide special exclusive goods to players who have been around for the last ten years, or new players jumping in before these products head into retail.

"We love these DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains as much as the fans do, so we’re excited to produce the best DC Deck-Building Game products yet and kick off the series’s next decade with a bang!” - John Sepenuk, CEO of Cryptozoic

Meaning this campaign is a mahoosive one! Not only do players get their hands on some exclusive expansions, but a chance to dive deep into the bank of DC heroes and villains as part of different pledges.

Now that explanations are out of the way, let's take a look at the campaign and what is up to offer:

Injustice Expansion - DC Deck-Building Game

Injustice Expansion // DC Deck-Building Game Kickstarter

If you are a fan of the comic books and video games centring around the Injustice title standalone, the upcoming title brings the brawl to the table. The campaign provides an alternate exclusive cover designed by comic book artist Well-Bee. Alongside the other title, Rivals – Flash vs. Reverse-Flash - pushes two players into a high-speed battle of fast and frantic abilities competing to be the fastest.

Rivals - Flash vs The Reverse Flash - Cryptozioc Entertainment

Rivals: Flash vs Reverse-Flash Expansion // DC Deck-Building Game Kickstarter

Both of these products will have a Kickstarter Exclusive cover and can be purchased as part of the Injustice for All Pledge for £54. But you can for sure count on some extra goodies with each pledge. Including extra cards and exclusive campaign cards to reward those taking part during the celebration.

Multiverse Boxes - DC Deck-Building Game

Multiverse Boxes // DC Deck-Building Game

Alongside the new standalone expansions, players will also gain access to two new editions of the DC Deckbuilding Game: Multiverse Box, a Super-Villains Edition and Super Heroes Edition. Brining a storage solution, to house every DC-Deck building card - bigger and better than the previous version.

The celebratory campaign for the 10th Anniversary of the DC-Deck Building game will be live until May 12th. So if you are keen on just getting yourself the new expansions or want to take a deeper dive into the DC Universe on the tabletop in the full spectrum; be sure to check out the campaign over on Kickstarter. for a chance to get the newest products on an exclusive scale, with stretch goals unique to the campaign and inaccessible at retail.

This sounds like a great place to get stuck in, what do you think of the DC Deck-Building Game?

"Cryptozoic has been keen on pulling out all stops to provide special exclusive goods!"

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