Face The Deadly Leviathron in Privateer’s Monsterpocalypse

May 4, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has added another monstrous creature into the mix for their game of tabletop destruction, Monsterpocalypse. Check out Leviathron!

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Sharks are pretty cool of course so when you get a shark mixed with a massive city-crushing monster, you stand up and take note! I think the design is rather fun here and I love the way they've taken the look of a hammerhead shark and then tweaked it to give it more alien qualities. You do get the sense that Leviathron is a creature from a distant time.

"Crashing onto the shore like a nightmare from ancient mythology, Leviathron boggles the modern mind. Primitive bony fish have long been established as part of the fossil record, and massive sharks are known to have hunted in ancient oceans, but nothing could have prepared the civilized world for this creature’s arrival.

Tides swell in the monster’s presence, perhaps indicating that nature itself fights alongside this brute. Ponderous on land like its fellow sea creatures, this monster bites huge chunks out of its enemies while the armored body of Leviathron seems able to absorb amounts of damage that would fell most of the other giants taking part in the Monsterpocalypse."

The Monsterpocalypse range has been expanding nicely over the last few months and it has been fun to see what inventive things they come up with. Stepping away from the pre-painted angle was certainly a good idea for the range I think and it means that you can have a lot of fun with the models.

Because of their size, you can use rather simple paint schemes and create some really nice looking models without too much effort. Just make sure you've got a lot of blue for Leviathron!

What do you make of the Monsterpocalypse range?

"...make sure you've got a lot of blue for Leviathron! "

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