More Details On WizKids D&D: Attack Wing From ICv2

March 31, 2014 by brennon

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ICv2 dug out more details on the Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing Starter Set from WizKids that will be coming later this year. If you saw my first post about this you'll know that I am pretty excited to see this hit stores later this year.

D&D Attack Wing Starter Dragons

The information confirmed that we'd be getting a Red, Copper and Blue Dragon in the Starter Set for the game and it will be accompanied by a whole bunch of expansions right off the bat. The two extra dragons you can pick up will be the Green and Brass Dragon.

Elf Spellcaster & Ballista

D&D Attack Wing Preview Packs

As well as the actual Dragons you'll be able to pick up infantry, hero and warmachine packs that allow you to bring ground troops into the game to fight alongside or against dragons. Above are some examples of this in the Elf Sorcerer and Ballista.

What was interesting, and ICv2 picked up on this, is that while the game retains the basic Flight Path system it has still be built from the ground up to make it applicable to Dungeons & Dragons. One of the neatest things was the addition of different levels of combat including ground troops and of course those Dragons flying in the air.

This was also ace...

"So when you play an adventure, depending on who wins, they’ll get a campaign artifact, which is something that they can add to their team for the next adventure," D’Agostino said.  "There’s a storyline that weaves through it."

Sounds rather cool indeed.

All in all some brilliant additional information from ICv2!

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