Return To The Path To Carcosa In New Arkham Horror Expansion

May 12, 2019 by cassn

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You thought that the final curtain had closed on your dealings with The King in Yellow. When the cursed play first came to Arkham, it was followed by a string of disappearances, delusions, suicides, and madness. But now, madness returns to Arkham for an encore performance…

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new, upgraded expansion to Arkham Horror: The Card Game which will see players return once more to Dim Carcosa. In Return to the Path to Carcosa, you relive the horrors of the past through new backstage areas and new socialites.


Conduct investigations through new scenarios and encounters to discover the truth behind the many possible scenarios which haunt your memories. With 81 scenario cards and 23 player cards, Return to the Path to Carcosa will provide you with greater challenges and risks than ever before!


Return to the Path to Carcosa also includes a premium box which can be used to house the entire Path to Carcosa campaign. And with new Achievement lists included, Return to the Path to Carcosa will guide you through the mysterious and the macabre to recover the tattered and traumatized recesses of your mind!


Return to the Path to Carcosa will be available in Autumn 2019, but you can preorder your copy today through the Fantasy Flight Games website.

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"Greater challenges and risks than ever before!"

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