Dunkeldorf Oldhammer Characters Coming To Kickstarter In March

January 14, 2019 by brennon

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Dunkeldorf Miniatures is going to be coming to Kickstarter in March of this year with a range of Oldhammer inspired models for you to use in your tabletop games, whatever they might be!


Their plan is to produce a range of twelve townsfolk miniatures which could be used as NPCs in your role-playing games, or as characters in a larger skirmishing party too. For those of you delving into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and its new edition, these could be worth a shout as player characters too!


Each of the characters is going to be available in metal and they have more planned for future stretch goals and the like too. Their initial funding goal is also going to be quite low, so it should be achievable since they're working towards a small selection of characters. You can see more of the line-up below including my favourite so far, Bertha.


All of the characters are actually based on ones designed by both Nicki and Nana from their Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play campaigns and so there is a wealth of stories and more for them to delve into as the campaign progresses.


The process so far has included a Danish sculptor named Sonny bringing the miniatures to life based on artwork by an artist from Japan called Mustafa. Nana then paints up the miniatures that you've seen here.


As well as the collection of miniatures that you see here they have plans to produce a 'ready to play' adventure setting complete with adventure hooks, maps and of course the miniatures that you see here.

Whilst I'm sure all of you are getting the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play vibe, there's also an element of Escape The Dark Castle here too I reckon. You could easily use these to represent your characters on their adventures through that warped and weird world too.

Will you be keeping an eye out for this Kickstarter?

"...there's also an element of Escape The Dark Castle here too I reckon"

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