A Dwarf Mechanic Fixes Gangfight Games Up For Runerunners

March 13, 2019 by dracs

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Gangfight Games have previewed a new sculpt for their upcoming game Runerunners, a dwarf mechanic who is ready to set things right.

Runerunners is Gangfight Games' next skirmish game, this time taking a pulp-fantasy vibe set in an early 1900's in a world where magic is prohibited.

The game is due to come to Kickstarter later this year, where the Dwarf Mechanic will form one of the stretch goals.

The figures for this have a very unique character and one which marks out the turn-of-the-century fantasy setting. However, for the dwarf I do have to ask; is that a very large spanner, or is she just very short?

That's right, I can make height jokes too!

Does Runerunnersย look like a game that catches your attention?ย 

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