Dystopian Wars Pokes the Russian Bear

June 7, 2012 by brennon

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The might of the Russian Coalition will descend soon on the world of Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games. Check out the range that will be available later this month...

Russian Coalition - Naval Battle Group

Russian Coalition - Rostov Class Destroyer

Russian Coalition - Tambov Class GunshipRussian Coalition - Kostroma Class Battle Carrier

First up we head to the high seas. These ships have a great look to them that somewhat mirrors that of the Prussian Empire. What sets them apart though is there rather original and interesting looking flyers. A nice mix of the high technological and the stalwart old steel.

Russian Coalition - Armoured Battle Group

Russian Coalition - Kursk Class Land Dreadnought

Next we head onto land to see exactly what the Russian land machine is like. And it looks like a meat grinder of epic proportions. Just look at that Kursk Land Dreadnought! The theme seems to be making bulky machines that will simply roll over the opposition.

Russian Coalition - Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle

Russian  Coalition Saransk Class Skyship

And last but not least are some of their more interesting looking vehicles. First up is the repair vehicle which wouldn't look out of place as terrain either. A nice model which is a little more 'dainty' than the others in the range.

Then there's the Saransk Class Skyship. Again the plow like nature of the design at the front and the forward facing gun makes me think that the Russian motto is 'crush them into dust'...

Does the Russian Coalition seem like a faction you would enjoy?

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