The Egyptians are Rolling In From Warlord Games!

July 31, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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So, you have built a beautiful desert / Babylon / North Africa table for Dust Warfare or Bolt Action. You have played many a game and suddenly you get hit with the desire for something a little more laid back a little less mechanical. You think to yourself, maybe a nice chariot ride through the evening desert. Well, you are in luck, because Warlord Games has just released three new metal box sets for those of you who like to dabble in ancient warfare.


The three sets include: Egyptian Chariot Squadron, Egyptian Spearmen, and Egyptian Archers. These box sets are designed to be played with the Hail Caesar! rules, but I know you ever adventurous gamers have other rules sets that you like to use. So know you can build an army to stop those pesky Hittites from invading your desert oasis.


The figures do look pretty good and these are in the standard 28mm. Heck, I might even grab an extra set of the chariots for my upcoming project of converting an old Avalon Hill game Circus Maximus to an actual tabletop miniatures racing game with colosseum and all!


Will you be stepping back in time to grab some Egyptians for fun in the sun?

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