Elves & Halflings Form ArcWorlde 2nd Edition’s Starter Warbands

March 29, 2019 by dracs

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The second edition of Warploque's fantasy miniatures game ArcWorlde is coming this year, and now the new starter warbands for the Wild Elves and the Halflings have been revealed.

While, of course, I will always love halflings, I am particularly fond of the Wild Elves of ArcWorlde as they seem to hark back to the folkloric origins of such creatures.

Warploque always manage to find a new way to approach fantasy staples, so I'm hoping we'll hear more soon for the second edition.

Get Started Sculpting

For those of you who have always wanted to sculpt your own miniatures, Warploque are offering a Masterclass to help get you started.

This looks like a great opportunity. Warploque's miniatures are extremely imaginative and learning from them would give you the first step to bringing your own creations to the table, whether you want to do it as a career someday or for your own gratification.

What model would you like to create? 

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