Emma Frost & Psylocke Join Atomic Mass’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol

January 17, 2023 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has showcased a couple of additional Mutants who are going to be joining the world of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The newest set features both Emma Frost and Psylocke who are going to be kicking ass on the tabletop soon.

Emma Frost & Psylocke - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Emma Frost & Psylocke // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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Both of these characters are powerful psychics. On the one side, you have Emma Frost who is a deadly telepath who can also turn her body into organic diamond. A diamond version of her comes in the set! She is also joined by Psylocke who can turn her telepathic power into a psychic blade whilst also using her own deadly weapon to carve up her enemies.

Emma Frost & Psylocke Miniatures - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Emma Frost & Psylocke Miniatures // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I like the two options that the folks at Atomic Mass have added into the mix here for Emma Frost and Psylocke is posed in a rather epic way, leaping over the crushed form of a Sentinel. The set comes with all of the cards for using them in-game and you can even work Emma Frost into the Hellfire Club if you like.

It's awesome to see more X-Men characters popping up for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and these are looking particularly nice!

Are you tempted to snap up these miniatures soon?

"On the one side, you have Emma Frost who is a deadly telepath..."

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