Empress Miniatures Adds to Their Modern Collection

November 10, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Empress Miniatures has released some more modern miniature sets.

Brit 50cal

They have released two versions of a .50 Cal gun and crew, one in US Marines and the other as a British crew.

USMC 50cal

There is also two different mortar variations, the L16A2 and the hand held M6. To bring even more dimension to your game, you can get a Valon mine detector, a female medic or a bomb team with bomb detection dog.

Brit M6 Mortar

Brit Valon Sweeper

Brit Bomb Team

Brit Female Medic

The miniatures have wonderful detail and will really look awesome when painted. I will definitely be pick some up for use in Skirmish Sangin.

Do you need support troops for your modern battle?

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