Enforce & Destroy With Star Wars: Legion’s Death Troopers

March 25, 2019 by brennon

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We saw Director Krennic last week and following hot on his heels Fantasy Flight Games dropped a preview for the Death Troopers who will make up his entourage in Star Wars: Legion.

Imperial Death Troopers - FFG

As some of the most deadly and efficient killers in the Galactic Empire, these soldiers are going to be something quite a few players are going to want to add into the mix. Their rules reflect their stalwart nature with the ability to shrug off suppression, pin-point Rebels to take down and a calm and collected approach to hunting their foe. I wouldn't want to be on the end of their blasters.

As well as their regular weapon they also bring the E-11D Blaster Rifle into the mix for a bit more shredding power, perfect for hunting down Rebel scum.

Imperial Death Troopers Close - FFG

Their rules and a competent commander will keep these Death Troopers pushing forward even under the most withering fire. You'll still need to be sensible with them though, using cover and advancing carefully, but when they set their sights on a Rebel unit I wouldn't hold out much hope for them.

As well as being good at killing these Death Troopers can also throw a lot of firepower at the enemy to make them duck for cover giving other units a chance to move up and flank.

These Death Troopers seem like a good elite choice for any Empire force.

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"These Death Troopers seem like a good elite choice for any Empire force..."

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