Espionage & Action Awaits In Black Cats The Spy Game RPG

June 8, 2019 by brennon

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Black Cats Gaming are bringing a new take on a popular system to the tabletop soon. The Spy Game has been created using the 5E system but promises to throw you into a new and exciting Modern/Sci-Fi world of action and espionage.

The Spy Game RPG - Black Cats Gaming

Here's what Black Cats had to say about the game...

"The Spy Game is an action & espionage tabletop RPG, powered by modern 5E rules, and invites you into the world of the Agencies to take your place as a world-class spy. Together with your crew of specialists, infiltrators, con-artists, and hackers, you fight to take down an array of shadowy villains and high-tech megalomaniacs.

You can choose from a range of brand new character classes and new takes on old favourites, as well as choosing from a range of incredible gadgets, tools and equipment to allow you to complete your missions. Any play style, from true-to-life thriller experiences to high octane action movies, is possible in this standalone role-playing game."

It will be fascinating to see just how The Spy Game uses the 5E rules and that classic Dungeons & Dragons set of mechanics and twists it to work within a Sci-Fi setting. It certainly seems like the right thing to do though, taking a familiar set of rules for your game so that people can simply dive right in.

If you're interested in finding out more, like I am, then you can download the Quickstart Rules from DriveThruRPG. Included in the set you'll find...

  • A preview of the in-development rules
  • A three-part spy adventure called "Tectonic Shift" with maps and handouts
  • Eight 3rd-level pre-generated characters - one for each class

I am very interested in trying this one out!

" can download the Quickstart Rules from DriveThruRPG right now"

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