Fantasy Flight Games Talk Settings In Expanded Player’s Guide

November 7, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have been talking about some of the settings presented in their new Expanded Player's Guide for Genesys, a toolbox RPG which allows you to create diverse worlds.

Genesys Expanded Players Guide - FFG

This book helps to expand on the options presented to you as part of the core book, offering up not only a series of notes on tone and world-building but also a series of Archetypes and such that you might want to play as, run into or use as inspiration for your various adventures.

These kind of options for a roleplaying game are very important as they help those of us (like me) who just don't have the time to spend crafting all of the nitty-gritty bits about a campaign. Instead, we can look to pre-made content like this and use it as a baseline for our own adventures.

Included in this book you'll find options and helpful advice for...

Age Of Myth

Age Of Myth - FFG


Horror - FFG


Post-Apocalyptic - FFG

The focus here is to try and provide something a bit different perhaps. With the Age Of Myth, they are looking to place you in the sandals of a demi-god, maybe someone like Hercules, and give you loads of options for being a mighty hero.

With their Horror setting, they are seeking to bring that 'fight night' feel to the tabletop but also explore the unsettling and uncanny elements which make up Horror. Spooks, scares, ghosts and such are good but its when you see the impact that is having on humans that you get the real essence of horror. It is hard to get Horror right around the tabletop but hopefully, there are some pointers here for you.

Finally, we have the Post-Apocalyptic setting where they are telling tales of a world that has collapsed. As well as presenting lots of new weapons and options for those who are surviving I hope we'll also find some tools and tips for playing games which are a bit more The Last Of Us than just Mad Max.

Will you be snapping this up?

"...we can look to pre-made content like this and use it as a baseline for our own adventures"

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