Fantasy Flight Send Ventala Skirmishers To Defend RuneWars’ Forests

September 12, 2018 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have published a preview of a new unit expansion up for pre-order, coming to fight alongside the Latari in RuneWars; the Ventala Skirmishers.

The Ventala Skirmishers share the Latari's forest domain and fight alongside them whenever their sylvan realms come under threat, wielding their javelins to deadly effect at short range.

In times of peace, the Ventala live humbly, relying on the bounty of the Aymhelin. Every season, each tightly-knit clan coordinates with their neighbors to determine the routes and hunting grounds best suited for each group’s needs to ensure that they do not spoil the forest with overhunting. But in times of war, these hooved warriors use their hunting skills and knowledge of the Aymhelin’s hidden trails to track their enemies and attack from the shadows of the trees. With their natural brawn and carved spears, they are ready to contend with even the most highly-trained Daqan cavalry, using their speed and strength to harass more distant enemies with javelins.

These models bring an interesting new take on the familiar centaur. While they are centaur-like, they are definitely not half-horse / half-human. It looks as though Fantasy Flight have tried to make them appear to be their own creature, rather than familiar hybrids. The result is a creature that wouldn't look out of place in a Guillermo del Toro fairy tale film.

Let us know your thoughts on these figures in the comments below.

"A creature that wouldn't look out of place in a Guillermo del Toro fairy tale film. "

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