FFG Release Expansions for A Game of Star Wars Thrones

April 26, 2013 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have just released two new expansions for two card games, bringing new game play to not one genre but two.

First sci-fi fans will be excited by the release of the new "The Search for Skywalker" expansion for the Star Wars Card Game.

The Search for Skywalker

This new set is the second in the Hoth cycle and will bring you 5 new objectives and 60 new cards, including Star Destroyers, Rebel Defences as well as lots of other characters to bring into the battle between the Dark and Light side of the force.

Search for Skywalker Cards

Meanwhile, in the world of fantasy, Fantasy Flight are giving the The Game of Thrones Card Game an expansion as well.

A Turn of the Tide

A Turn of the Tide is the fourth chapter pack for the Song of the Sea cycle and brings new army cards and characters for each of the major Houses, as well as expanding the influence of House Tyrell. Where will their allegiance lay? Loyalties are as unsteady as water when you play the Game of Thrones.

A Turn of the Tide Cards

Will you join the Game of Thrones? Or will you take part in The Search for Skywalker?

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