Fight Back The Flames In New Flash Point: Fire Rescue Expansion

May 8, 2019 by cassn

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Publisher Indie Boards & Cards have announced that their 2017 Kickstarter exclusive Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Tragic Events expansion is finally coming to general release in 2019!

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a co-operative rescue game where you and a team of brave firefighting players must attempt to save 7-10 victims from a burning building. The game includes a number of dangers which can affect play, such as building collapses, flashovers and combustible materials which can impede progress. If the building collapses or four victims succumb to the flames, all players lose the game.


This Tragic Event expansion brings new exciting events to Flash Point: Fire Rescue to diversify gameplay, and replaces the 'Hot Spot' mechanic which was present in the Experienced rules of the base game.

The expansion also includes three new specialists: The Strategist, The Suppression Specialist, and the Fire Prevention Specialist. Each new specialist comes with their own miniature figure and set of individual abilities which can be used for the benefit of the team.


Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Tragic Events was originally released back in 2017 as a Kickstarter exclusive, however, it has now been announced that a general print run of the game will be released on July 24th, 2019. You can check out Flash Point: Fire Rescue in more detail here.

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"New exciting events!"

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