FireForge Raise Up More Living Dead Previews

August 14, 2018 by dracs

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FireForge have shown off more of their up-coming living dead kits, showcasing further options for the soldiers along with the painted figures of their shambling peasants.

We've seen a lot of these undead figures lately, but seeing the peasants in the flesh (or what little remains) gives you an idea of how unsettling a band of these horrors would be.

My personal favourite has to be the one getting its eye pecked out. That makes for an especially eye-catching unit champion.

FireForge's kits are multi-part plastic, and they have now shown off some alternative poses and weapons that can be chosen for the living dead soldiers.

Seen as renders, the expressions on these dead warriors' faces is almost cartoonishly exaggerated. This should make their rotting features stand out even more on the tabletop and it is good to see the variety FireForge are allowing with their kits.

Let us know your thoughts on these sculpts in the comments below.

"An especially eye-catching unit champion."

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