Firestorm Armada’s Directorate Patrol Fleet is Out for Profit

October 24, 2013 by dracs

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Another of the Patrol Fleet box sets has appeared for Firestorm Armada, this time it is that of the corporate might of the Directorate.

Directorate Patrol Fleet

Being a corporate entity it is no surprise that the Directorate have access to some of the most high-tech ship building technology there is and their Security Fleets often go accompanied by all manner of sleek and powerful space craft.

Directorate Ships

Eliminator Class Battleship

Abraxas Class Cruiser

Liquidator Class Frigates

Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser

Bomber and Interceptor Tokens

With incredibly sleek designs which show off their superior technology, the Patrol Fleets of the Directorate are a fiersome force, especially if someone should try and get in the way of their corporate profit. They'll soon find themselves facing plasma weaponry from all directions.

Will you wield the corporate power of the Directorate in your games of Firestorm Armada?

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