New Firestorm Set & More Planetfall For Spartan In 2015

December 16, 2014 by brennon

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The Firestorm Galaxy burns as it's hit by a wave of new miniatures for Planetfall in 2015 alongside a new Starter Set called Stormzone: Return of the Overseers which is a set designed by Spartan Games for two players to get started in the game...

Return of the Overseers (Box Art)

Aquan Ships

Directorate Ships

Dimension Gate

In the set you get yourself an Aquan Fleet, a Directorate Fleet and this rather nifty Dimension Gate that you can see at the bottom. As well as that you'll have everything you need to get playing with a rulebook, counters, fast play sheets and card decks to mix things up. A pretty neat kit that should get you drooling over the Firestorm Armada world.

The Directorate Core Helix

Aquan Prime Core Helix

Following on from it are these Core Helix sets for both of the aforementioned factions for use in Planetfall. Maybe you've played out the battles of Return of the Overseers and now it seems like a good idea to take that fight planet side? The Planetfall miniatures are looking very cool indeed and I certainly think the Directorate are one of those factions that stand out as awesome.

Aquan Heavy Helix

Dindrenzi Heavy Helix

Directorate Heavy Helix

Relthoza Heavy Helix

Sorylian Heavy Helix

Terran Heavy Helix

The other factions are not to be left out however as they're getting their hands on some cool Heavy Helix sets that will bring even more power to the battlefield in the form of hulking tanks, walkers and more. Here's where the Terran are looking like they might take the crown for coolest looking vehicles considering their tanks have bloomin' great looking railguns on them!

Have you been drawn into the world of Firestorm either with Armada or Planetfall?

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