The Forest And Gnomes Want You – In Bonfire: Trees & Creatures!

October 11, 2021 by fcostin

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Bonfire by Hall Games and Pegasus Spiele was a board game released in 2020 which I really enjoyed. It too fantastical themes in which I adore, and added them to a gritty and fearsome universe where the whimsical worlds in which we imagine in fantasy universe are turning into darkness.

In Bonfire, players will take the role of gnomes attempting to restore light to cities by lighting bonfires, earning trust from overwatching guardians and restoring the light and goodness to the cities faded away into nothingness.

Bonfire - Image One

Bonfire // Pegasus Spiele and Hall Games

The puzzling experience utilises tile placement, with the hope to align and place specific tiles of kind and colour to match adjacently. As players will be tasked as Gnomes by the guardians to complete special tasks, players undergo travelling from city to city and proving kindness and peace on earth from the normally bitter gnome-kind.

The story is continuing, as players can expand on their base game with the upcoming addition Bonfire: Trees and Creatures. Coming Q4 this year.

Bonfire - Image Two

Bonfire: Trees and Creatures Expansion // Pegasus Spiele and Hall Games

The gnomes are continuing their day-to-day life, however, new mysterious entities have been erected in the forest. The guardians have awoken slumbering life and this may just be the gnome team-up they were hoping for. Ancient trees have shaken off their dead leaves and are keen on helping the gnomes restore the bonfires to their former glory.

Not only do players have a new story aspect, but the expansion also adds a fifth player into the mix allowing more gnomes to join the rescue.

Bonfire - Trees - Image One

Tree Tile Preview // Bonfire: Trees and Creatures Expansion

The base game is necessary to play the expansion and will add three additional modules which will encompass the new player into the story, new tree tiles which unlock bonuses in-game and creature cards which will help players gain an extra special ability to aid in the assembling of the bonfire.

Bonfire - Image Five

Creature Card Preview // Bonfire: Trees and Creatures Expansion

Looking to head to retail in Q3, nearer the end of the year and closer to Christmas Time, players can pick up the upcoming expansion in a vast range of FLGS stores and online. Ranging here in the UK from anywhere between £25-£32. So if you are looking for an alternative hobbit/ent adventure and undergo a mission of mass importance, the trees and gnomes are waiting for you.

Are you keen on expanding your Bonfire adventures? 

"The gnomes are continuing their day-to-day life, however, new mysterious entities have been erected in the forest..."

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