Fur-Footed Halflings Next Up From Wargames Atlantic

June 12, 2019 by brennon

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Building on the success of their first plastic sets, the Raumjager Soldiers and Skeleton Warriors, Wargames Atlantic are now working on a set of plastic Halflings for you to use on the battlefield.

Halflings - Wargames Atlantic

This preview popped up on a SAGA: Age Of Magic Facebook group and was shared in our forums by user @torros. I think these fellows are looking very good indeed. One assumes we're going to see the spears and bows as two options for this kit with hopefully a smattering of additional weapons too.

With Warlords Of Erehwon featuring a Halfling army list and Age Of Magic being very open as to which force you use, I can see these making their way to the tabletop in their droves.

I really need to decide which of those games I'm going to play! I have a set of the Oathmark Dwarves and Goblins which I am just waiting to use as warbands in one of them.

What do you think of the Halflings from what we've seen so far?

"I can see these making their way to the tabletop in their droves..."

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