Gaia Bosses Take Command From Bad Squiddo Games

August 15, 2018 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games has a new release for the Ghosts Of Gaia collection. With their gangs looking for leadership they turn to the Gaia Bosses to lead the way.

The Gaia Bosses - Bad Squiddo Games

The three characters presented here are Juliett, Ariana and Lena although of course when it comes to creating your gangs you can name them whatever you like. The sculpting was done here by Shane Hoyle and the models then painted by Ralph Plowman.

I really like the leader model in the middle with the almost Aztec/Mayan look to her attire but I'm not entirely sold on the other two that flank her. I think it might just be a personal preference here but the armour designs and equipment just don't do it for me.

Still, if you're looking for some more gang leaders to throw into the mix of your favourite Sci-Fi game these would be a good punt, especially since they work alongside the entire Ghosts Of Gaia range aesthetically.

What do you think?

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