Gangfight Games Look To Relauch Mechadrome Next Year

July 16, 2018 by brennon

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Mechadrome was a project that Gangfight Games worked on some years ago and they are now looking towards a relaunch and redesign of the game with some more experience under their belt.

Buzzkill - Mechadrome

The game looks to have a lot more dynamic characters thrown into the mix this time around with a hint towards a lot more manga and anime style designs throughout the collection. The previous incarnation of the game felt a lot more weighty and western with more akin to the likes of Mech Warrior in its design.

Overkill - Mechadrome

You can see a lot more of their concept art designs over on their Facebook Page where they will no doubt be sharing more about their work in the coming months. It seems like they are aiming to tweak the rules and more.

Havok - Mechadrome

There also looks to be a focus towards making sure that whilst you're going to get a new crop of machines the old models are still going to be usable and relevant to the game.

Did you play Mechadrome and if so what did you think of it?

"Did you play MechaDrome and if so what did you think of it?"

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