Get Into Gatecrash With the New Intro Decks

January 8, 2013 by dracs

With Gatecrash fast approaching there are many more cool cards to entice new players to this great game. So where better to start off in this new set than these new guild Intro Decks?

Orzhov Oppression

Simic Synthesis

Dimir Dementia

Gruul Goliaths

Boros Battalion

These Intro Decks follow the standard layout of 60 cards in a pre-built deck, along with 2 booster packs. This provides those new to Magic with a good deck to get to grips with the mechanics, which they can then modify to match their own tactics. Intro Decks are also good for experienced players as it provides you with some assuredly good cards, as well as a basic structure to build your own deck around.

Are any of you tempted to get into Magic the Gathering?

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