Genetic Rejects, Big Guns & Monstrous Flyers For The Freeborn Of Antares

March 11, 2017 by brennon

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It looks like Warlord Games has opened up the lab and unleashed some terrifying creatures onto the battlefield to fight for the Freeborn of Beyond The Gates Of Antares. We start things off with some winged horrors and the Freeborn Skark Squad.

Freeborn Feral Skark Squad

"Feral warriors of the Mhagirs ride skarks in their long-ranging raids against rival tribes and often clash in the scalding desert air. The Mhagris have fallen under the domination of the Oszon Mercantile League.

The League, an alliance of Freeborn Varda led and dominated by the Oszoni, gladly makes use of Mhagris warriors, recruiting them into their own forces and training and equipping them to fight as mercenaries on their masters' behalf.

Amongst those warriors are entire formations of skark riders, their creatures variously upgraded and pacified with appropriate neural grafts, yet losing none of their native ferocity or endurance. The skark is a lithe and lightly-built winged creature, but none the less deadly for all that. It is temperamental, wilful and hard to control."

I don't know about you but these look so incredibly weird...and kind of awesome in their own way. I think I like the riders and the monsters separately but together they make for quite the clash. The universe of Antares really does embrace some strange alien designs though so maybe they will grow on me.

Big Guns Never Tire

Following on from them we have some big guns with the X-Howitzer Team.

Freeborn Heavy Support Team With X-Howitzer

The Freeborn would actually be my faction of choice if I was going to be getting stuck into the world of Antares on the tabletop. I like the design choices that surround them and they have an almost 'Eldar' feel to them. The cloaks and awesome armour designs are also a plus.

Rejected Beasts

Finishing things off we have the Freeborn Misgenic Rejects which come in two different forms for you to snap up (A & B).

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects A

These are some of the poor unfortunates who have come out of the experiments looking a lot worse than they would have hoped.

"Misgenic rejects are not a human morph but the tragic and sinister consequences of inhuman experimentation by renegade NuHu. They are, quite literally, rejects - the failures and the discarded remnants of genetic manipulation experiments combining human and all manner of artificially engineered genes."

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects B

I think that these sets really do delve into the darker side of Antares which is rather epic. I know I said that I don't like the very weird but...these are morbidly fascinating!

What do you think of these new releases?

"These are some of the poor unfortunates who have come out of the experiments looking a lot worse than they would have hoped..."

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