Gentlesquid & a Taste for Adventure with Fiendish!

February 6, 2012 by brennon

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The title of 'gentlemen' might have been more on the mark, but I will let you judge for yourself when you see the newest models from Fiendish Fabrications...

Sir Herbet Sogoth-Smythe & Yoggy

I'm sure he would consider himself at least a Gentle..erm, squid? Certainly a very fun miniature here. But if your looking further afield to the colonies then how about something to adorn your ship, and of course some natives to fight!

Nautical Accessories

Mudman Tribe

Some great steampunk accessories to add a bit of spice, and the Mudman tribe certainly look like they are ready to chase off any would be Indiana Jones trying to sneak into their jungle.

Will you be heading out into the steampunk world?

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