Grab The Tools For A RuneWars Battle With The Essential Pack

April 11, 2017 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has put together a kit called the Essential Pack for those looking to get into RuneWars but not needing the main boxed game. For example, if you're picking up the new Latari Elves expansion in the future you probably won't need the Waiqar or Daqan forces and this offers the components you need...

Essentials Pack

Inside this set, you will get...

  • Four terrain pieces with matching cards
  • Six objective cards
  • Six deployment cards
  • Thirty morale cards
  • Ten upgrade cards
  • Four reference cards
  • Four deployment markers
  • Eight objective markers
  • Ten wound tokens
  • Five energy tokens
  • Twenty-two boon and bane tokens
  • Twelve Unit ID Tokens
  • One Round Counter
  • Nine movement templates
  • Six attack dice

...allowing you to get started with any of the forces you might pick up, or just add to the collection you already have to get access to more bits and pieces.

Essentials Pack #1

Interestingly the cover for the box also shows off the first tentative glimpse at what we'll be seeing for the fourth faction at launch. I would imagine we're going to be seeing the Uthuk Y'llan soon in a preview as the rather blood curdling and chaotic aspect of this collection.

What do you think of this set?

"I would imagine we're going to be seeing the Uthuk Y'llan soon in a preview..."

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