New Grandville Characters Added To Crooked Dice’s Webstore

March 15, 2018 by brennon

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Bryan Talbot's Grandville is a very interesting looking Graphic Novel series and Grandville Miniatures have taken the characters from his world and added them to the tabletops of many!

Tiberius Koenig

Who wouldn't want a boxing dinosaur man like Tiberius Koenig here? You think that is weird, there's also this fellow named DCI Stanford Hawksmoor!

DCI Stanford Hawksmoor

It gets no less strange and fascinating when you see the likes of Apollo too. I wouldn't know where to start with these characters other than that they are original, awesome, and I want them to paint!


Last but not least we have the most standard looking of the set with Chance Lucas, a rather awesome looking gunslinger.

Chance Lucas

You can actually go and check out some of the rest of the range over on the Crooked Dice Webstore. When it comes to interesting new models to pick up I can't think of many ranges out there that wouldn't be more fun than these.

Imagine getting to work on that dinosaur and doing some very nice pattern work on the scales? You could even try and do a proper comic book look to the different models rather than traditional painting techniques.

What do you think?

"Who wouldn't want a boxing dinosaur man like Tiberius Koenig here?"

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