The Great Game Hunter Rogue Stalks Kingdom Death

October 2, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death have yet another limited edition release for you to pick up and as it stands there are only 167 of them left! See what you think of the Great Game Hunter Rogue!

Rogue (Front)

Rogue (Side)

Rogue (Rear)

Let's see what he's all about...

"Strong-willed sons and daughters of powerful Great Game Hunter houses sometimes find themselves bored of the intricate courtly intrigues they must entertain. These Rogues will eschew the stuffy machinery of the city, turning their attentions to mastering the wilderness beyond. Armed to the teeth and rich with all the advantages of their houses' resources, they set out to live rough, or as rough as nobleman of fine-breeding and plentiful wealth can live."

...and the sculpt is very cool indeed. The art by Yasmine Putri is great and the sculpting by Thomas David is top notch and has managed to capture pretty much everything about him.

Great Game Hunter Rogue

The set comes with the miniature, an art print, character card and even a certificate of authenticity for picking one up. It's nice to see something a bit more 'normal' coming out of Kingdom Death even if he has got some rather creepy faces strapped across his chest.

Will you be getting one?

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