Greebo Games Preview Their New Zoat Work-in-Progress

June 16, 2019 by cassn

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Greebo Games have been showing their current work-in-progress which, quite frankly, has left me a little worried for the future of evolution.


For those of us who were, up to this moment, unaware of the existence of zoats, this scaly bro could have you reaching for the pitchfork and burning torches. However, I have been assured by the higher Warhammer powers (@dracs) that zoats are actually incredibly quiet and reclusive ancient creatures.

That being said, this legendary lizard does not look chill at all. I can only imagine someone told him that six legs technically makes you an insect. When this is complete, it will make a really cool tabletop addition. Head over to Greebo Games on Facebook to get a closer look.

What would be the worst thing to say to a Zoat? Comment below!

"This legendary lizard does not look chill at all!"

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