The Greeks Get New Releases For Footsore’s Mortal Gods

September 15, 2021 by brennon

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The forces of the Greeks are getting a big raft of new releases for use in Mortal Gods. Footsore Miniatures has added a handful of new packs into the mix which gives you options for ranged support and also a selection of cavalry too.

Greek Peltasts - Mortal Gods

Greek Peltasts // Mortal Gods

Leading the way we have a set of the Greek Peltasts who are going to be hurling spears at their foes from the cover of those big round shields. These troops would often be used by armies as skirmishers to harry an opponent's advance.

Adding to the options for ranged combat we also have two sets of Archers. There is a pack of Greek Archers...

Greek Archers - Mortal Gods

Greek Archers // Mortal Gods

...and also a set of Cretan Archers as well. Whilst not as glamourous a job as being a heavily armoured Hoplite, the archers were very important when covering the advance of your tightly packed warriors.

Cretan Archers - Mortal Gods

Cretan Archers // Mortal Gods

On the other side of things, you've also got the Cretan Archers who were considered to be some of the best light infantry troops in the Ancient world. They were adept mercenaries that were sought after by many of the armies of the period. They were equally as good onboard ships as they were on land too which made them incredibly important!

Greek Cavalry Options

In addition to three sets of ranged troops we also have two packs of Greek Cavalry. You have Greek Light Cavalry...

Greek Light Cavalry - Mortal Gods

Greek Light Cavalry // Mortal Gods

...and the Greek Heavy Cavalry. The Light Cavalry acted like harassers and skirmishers using their javelins to pick at exposed units on the flanks of an army.

Greek Heavy Cavalry - Mortal Gods

Greek Heavy Cavalry // Mortal Gods

The Heavy Cavalry armoured in their bronze breastplates and helmets would actually charge the enemy ranks. They were heavily armoured enough to be able to weather a counterattack but also were not weighed down. This means they could do hit and run attacks easily.

Are you liking these new options for Footsore Miniatures' Mortal Gods?

"'ve also got the Cretan Archers who were considered to be some of the best light infantry troops in the Ancient world"

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