Gripping Beast Collect Together 10mm Roman Previews

September 24, 2019 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has now shown off the full set of Roman releases in 10mm which will be coming your way soon. Once again, these models were sculpted by Robi Baker and painted by Ben MacIntyre.

Roman Army - Gripping Beast

So, the main list of releases is going to be for the Auxilary, Auxilary Cavalry, Legionaries and then finally a set of three different Command options which will take control of sections of your army.

Roman Command - Gripping Beast

There have been some more mutterings about the proportions on these miniatures with their big arms but I think that if you're going to be creating miniatures at this scale and want to get a bit more detail into the mix to make them stand out then these little things shouldn't matter too much. They're still going to look good from four feet away as you're gazing down at the table.

The range will be released in metal in the near future and they have talked about expanding the collection if it sells well. So, if you want to see them branch out in 10mm you might want to get involved.

What do you make of the Roman collection now you've seen it in full?

"What do you make of the Roman collection now you've seen it in full?"

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