Gripping Beast Crush Their Enemies With New Cataphracts

April 10, 2020 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has been showing off some goodies that would have been available at Salute this year. Currently, you can dive in and pre-order some Late Roman Cataphracts for your expanding armies, heavy cavalry which can crush the enemy underfoot.

Late Roman Cataphracts #1 - Gripping Beast

This set, illustrated by Peter Dennis (as is the way!) comes with twelve armoured Cataphracts. During the period, the Cataphracts were a force to be reckoned with. With heavily armoured horses bearing their equally armoured riders into battle, they could very easily break the enemies ranks.

However, despite their ability to hammer the enemy, all of that armour could take its toll. Weighed down by it, if the formation broke apart or they got bogged down by infantry they could be swarmed and hacked down eventually. Still, they are a perfect option for those diving into building a Late Roman force.

Late Roman Cataphracts #2 - Gripping Beast

This kind of cavalry didn't last long on the battlefield but if you want to make your foes quake in their boots and huddle closer behind their shields then you might consider this set. As mentioned on the box, you'll be able to use these miniatures in Swordpoint plus all manner of other Ancient games too.

Are you tempted to snap up this new plastic set?

"Are you tempted to snap up this new plastic set?"

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