Puppets War Hand Out Guns To A Crew Of Dark Cultists

November 2, 2017 by dracs

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As a rule, it's probably a bad idea to give cultists weaponry, especially if they end up with gear like the models Puppets War have previewed are sporting.

Dark Cultists

Shrouded in their cloaks, the scary thing about these Dark Cultists is they could be anyone! Maybe they're mutants, rising up against their oppressors, or maybe it's your friend and neighbour, ready to fight in the name of the darkness they serve.

As futuristic cultists go, this is a pretty good crew. The weapons have a practical, almost service-man look to them, and I think the minis could fit in well with both the far future, or the post-apocalypse.

Will you join this group of SMG and Gatling Gun toting cultists?

"These Dark Cultists could be anyone! Maybe they're mutants... or maybe it's your neighbour..."

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