Have Old Friends For Dinner In Dracula’s Feast: New Blood

May 2, 2019 by cassn

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When you're the undead lord of the night, hosting all these lavish parties can be a real pain in the neck...


Dracula's Feast: New Blood is the second edition of the horror-themed logical deduction game. Dracula is throwing a fancy dinner and has invited all the townsfolk 'for a meal'. However, some other classic horror characters have crashed the event and are causing monstrous mayhem!


Dracula's Feast: New Blood is part of a series of Masquerade-themed offerings from Jellybean Games. Players must inquire, dance and accuse their way through the party to discover the true identities of the guests! When you've worked out who everyone is, accuse them all and win the game!


Still unsure about whether to commit to a life of undead gaming? Luckily, Jellybean Games have a free print-n-play to get the blood pumping!

Dracula's Feast: New Blood won't be released until January 2020, but if you think this quick-play game is one you can really sink your teeth into, fly over Jellybean Games and pre-order now!

Which monster do you like the best? Tell us below!

"Monstrous mayhem!"

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