HeroSpawnSpot Reveals Battle Mages For September’s Patreon

August 31, 2020 by avernos

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Yannick Hennebo has been showing off September's releases for his Patreon and this time around there are a collection of Battle Mages and a Stage Coach that has a variety of print options from the mundane to the fantastical.

War College Collection // Hero Spawn Spot

As we've seen before from Hero Spawn Spot there's a distinctive Georgian feel to these sculpts which makes them fairly unique in the grand scheme of fantasy genres and I love the direction Yannick has taken with these.

The collection contains a bevvy of battle mages along with the stagecoaches and they're bedecked in all the finery you would expect from nobility in that period. The Battle Mages are graduates of an arcane military school and are officers in the world Yannick is creating, adept in the arts as well as battlefield experts they turn their powers on the enemy in a variety of ways.

Whether that is morale-sapping enchantments to weaken their resolve invocations to attack the lines directly they know the best way to utilise their powers for victory.

Battle Mage Officers // Hero Spawn Spot

While the previous release of trackers and hunters had tricornes, I feel the choice to give the officers a differing style of hat is very much in keeping with the aesthetic and they have enough flourishes on their uniforms to peg them as above the standard man on the ground, I imagine because they are often in the air.

Sculpts are excellent with crisp detailing without becoming overly elaborate which should help with both printing and painting as you can see from the pair above the option is there to add some arcane elements if you so desire.

Arcanic Disintegrator // Hero Spawn Spot

The coach is another lovely piece of work, there is no yoke and harness on the miniature as it looks to be a magical horseless carriage and I would expect nothing less from officers who are also magi. The drivers set is fully enclosed and rococo scroll work and detailing give it a luxurious feel.

Apart from a mage's battle taxi, there are also files for a massive disintegrator gun and a node that arcane users can channel energy from ley lines to amplify their power. I love the look of the multiple lenses on the disintegrator to focus the destructive energy to a point.

Render Versus Print // Hero Spawn Spot

Yannick has also shown off some test prints of the renders so you can see on the node carriage above just how much detail is transferred into the physical model and I have to say I'm very impressed with these.

Beyond the realms of his own world, I can see these showing up in Kings of War for the League, or for Empire players looking for a different take on their forces in Warhammer. They could also be used to dress the streets of Venice in Carnevale and would fit beautifully.

While not being a 3D print fanatic like some of the crew I can truly appreciate the talent of sculptor and if anything patreon and 3D printing has introduced the world to some uniquely talented people who otherwise would have struggled to have their work seen without it, and for that we can be thankful.

I can't wait to see what Hero Spawn Spot adds to this world in the future.

"The collection contains a bevvy of battle mages along with the stagecoaches and they're bedecked in all the finery you would expect from nobility in that period. "

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