Huge Ships Hove Into View In Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing

September 20, 2019 by avernos

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Veteran players of Fantasy Flight Game's X-Wing can pre order the Huge Ship Conversion Kit to bring their existing fleet up to spec in Star Wars: X-Wing second edition.

FFG X-Wing Huge Ships Conversion Box

Not just a clever name the Huge Ships Conversion Box contains the huge ship manoeuvre tool and huge ship damage deck. It also contains ten ship (huge) cards and five ship (huge) tokens that allow you to fly a huge ship (huge) in each of the game's seven factions (huge)

There are over 80 upgrade cards to bring these frigates, cruisers, and corvettes lumbering into a galaxy far far away. First edition collectors will finally be able to bring these massive models back to the table for the second edition and all the required cards, tokens, dials and tools to wreak destruction upon the despicable Rebel Alliance is finally here.

FFG X-Wing Huge Ships Conversion Box Contents

To allow an epic feel to your space battles no longer will single fighters take out snub-nosed fighters with a blaster shot or a well-placed photon torpedo. Instead, multiple attack runs will need to be lined up to batter down the shields and take out weak spots on these giants.

FFG X-Wing Huge Ships Conversion Card

The updated ship cards mean that all the big guns (huge) can be brought to bear once more for Star Wars: X-Wing. But fear not, if you are a new player this launch is to coincide with the second edition releases of the huge ships for X-Wing and the

Tantive IV Expansion, the C-ROC Cruiser and the Imperial Raider Expansion packs are all available to pre-order as well for release in the last quarter of 2019.

Will you be adding these into your X-Wing collection?

"Not just a clever name the Huge Ships Conversion Box, contains the huge ship maneuver tool and huge ship damage deck..."

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