Humanity Resists In New Expansion For Mantic’s Mars Attacks

November 11, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have successfully release the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game as well as a few cool additions too but the story really hots up in Humanity Resists which is a new expansion for the game...

Humanity Resists

In the new set you get yourself...

  • 1 Martian Attack Saucer
  • 1 Flatbed Truck
  • 10 Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers
  • 5 Martian Marines
  • 5 Stealth Martians

...with the real prize being those vehicles! It's neat to see a really cool looking flying saucer for the Martians and I have a friend whose looking to pick up those and the Martians themselves to make a Mars Attacks Necron force in Warhammer 40,000.



As well as the miniatures you also get a new set of scenarios for you to play through with these miniatures and of course the ones you have in the original boxed game. It will be interesting to see how those Stealth Martians are on the tabletop in those particular scenarios!

Will you be picking this up?

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