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Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?


Happy Sunday! Welcome to The
Weekender XLBS where we’re
talking about all things
post-apocalyptic and
wasteland-like in the
wake of so many people
checking out the
new Mad Max film…

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!


After the insanity that was the
Bolt Action Boot Camp we’re
back with The Weekender
and it’s 100th Episode of
the show today!

Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Battle Report

Bolt Action meets Mars Attacks in this epic Battle Report Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Download a Free Set of Rules Inside.

Bolt Action Boot Camp: Sunday

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Final Countdown


We’ve hit the final countdown before the Bolt Action Boot Camp. The tables are 99% ready, the armies are in the studio, and the whole team is geared up and ready for the weekend invasion of the Riverside Studio.

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!


On this weeks Weekender we talk
Mars Attacks, Kings of War, Boot
Camps and more!

Like Mantic & Win A Big Mars Attacks Prize To Destroy All Humans


See if you could be in with a chance of winning a whole host of Mars Attacks stuff from Mantic Games simply by liking their Facebook Page.

The Conflicts Of Mantic’s Mars Attacks Escalate With A World War


See how the world of Mars Attacks is escalating towards global conflict with the release of new army sets and the World War supplement that makes your battlefields grow.

Exterminate the Enemy as Mars Attacks Expansion Goes to Pre-Order


The wave III releases for Mars Attacks have appeared for pre-order over at Mantic, bringing out the second expansion for the miniatures game. It is no longer a fight for survival. Now it is a battle for Extermination!

Mantic Announces 3rd Scientific Wave for Mars Attacks


Mantic Games has announced the next wave for their really fun game, Mars Attacks. In wave 3 we will be seeing even more evil and dastardly deeds from the Martians with the activation of their Science Division.

Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!


Mantic’s Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

Humanity Resists In New Expansion For Mantic’s Mars Attacks


With the main boxed game out in the wild Mantic Games have set up their expansion, Humanity Resists, for you to take the fight to the Martians!

Set the Scene for MARS ATTACKS with a Scenery Upgrade Pack!


Mantic is taking pre-orders for the MARS ATTACKS Scenery Upgrade Pack, with everything you need to make your Greenville stand out from the rest!

An Attack From Space Boosts Your Mantic Mars Attacks Cast!


Do you think you’ll be picking up this new booster pack to add to your growing Mars Attacks collection as the miniatures game starts making its way to tabletops?

Mars Attacks Demo Game! Live For Everyone!


Watch the full demo game that was previously
available to just Backstagers now!

Martians and the powerful General Tor
will be facing off against some US
Marines led by the valiant Sir
Edwyn – a man lost in time!

Check out some of the rules
in action, see how the game
plays and talk tactics in the
comments below!

Mars Attacks History 101 – The Basics Of Invasion!


Learn a little bit about the past of Mars Attacks and how it went from a card game that got banned all the way to the movie and now a miniatures game from Mantic!

Unboxing The Mars Attacks Miniatures Game!


We’re breaking out the Mars Attacks
Miniatures Games and unboxing this
fantastic looking kit! Let’s see what
you’ll be getting inside the box to
get you excited for our
forthcoming demo game!

Grab Mars Attack Now!

Mars Attacks: Interview & First Look With Ronnie Renton!


Welcome to our first look at Mars Attacks, the new miniatures game from Mantic! It’s time for us to get the battlefield ready and see who is going to win out of the US Marines or those deadly Martians!

A First Look At Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game!


See what’s inside the awesome Mars Attacks: Miniatures Game from Mantic games. There is quite a lot of plastic in here from the miniatures themselves to the very snazzy looking terrain.

VLOG: Mantic’s Ronnie In The Studio To Talk About Upcoming Releases


Hi Backstagers here’s a short update for you to let you know Ronnie Renton from Mantic has been in the studio to shoot a set of new videos all about a range of new releases coming soon and he’s been […]

Mantic Focuses In On Deadzone Expansion & Mars Attacks


See what the future holds for Mantic when it comes to Mars Attacks and Deadzone. I do love the look of those Brokkr and can’t wait to see more Forge Fathers!

Mega Mantic Open Day Hitting On May 17th!


See what’s going to be on offer at the next Mantic Open Day coming at you this weekend, May 17th!

A Martian Surgeon Is Read to Commit Science on Kickstarter


We all love a good old fashioned mad scientist and you don’t get much more deranged than the new Martian Surgeon who has appeared on the Mars Attacks Kickstarter.

Mars Attacks & Deadzone Terrain Video From Mantic!


See what you think of the Deadzone terrain in action and of course the massive Mars Attacks Kickstarter that will be coming to a close next week.

The Martians of Mars Attacks Get Ready to Play Dreadball


Mantic’s Kickstarter campaign for the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game has only 10 days left to go and if you haven’t already pledged, maybe this will entice you. One pledge add on will provide you with a whole team of maniacal martians to play Dreadball!

Mantic Hold Off The Mars Attacks With New Heroes!


See what you think of these more ‘out there’ heroes stepping up to hold off the invasion. Saying that, I don’t think you can get more out there when it comes to Mars Attacks!

So What’s That Mars Attacks Miniatures Game Sweet Spot?


I think it’s about time we had a look at the Mars Attacks Kickstarter and it’s sweet spot pledge level. Could this one be it and how many of you have dived in and got it?

See How Mantic’s Mars Attacks Is Played!


Dive in and check out the miniatures game for Mars Attacks in action!

Mars Attacks Brings Us Bloodshed on the Battlefield!


This weekend, to celebrate New York Comic Con, the Kickstarter campaign for Mantic’s Mars Attacks will be unveiling a whole new pledge level they are calling Bloodshed on the Battlefield!

Mantic’s Mars Attacks Flies High With Saucer Additions!


Dive in and see what you think of the rather epic looking Martian Saucer that will be gracing your pledges if Mantic hit their next target.

Mantic Games’ Mars Attack Miniatures Game Now Live!


And the Kickstarter is now live for Mantic’s Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game! It has already hit its target and we’ve added in the stretch goals so far!

Buddy & Brandi Get Snapped For Mars Attacks Miniatures Game


We now get to see both Brandi & Buddy from the front! See what you think of the finalised sculpts for these two anti-heroes from Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game.

Under A Week Before The Aliens Of Mars Attacks Arrive!


Mars Attacks is only a week away and there are plenty more heroes and villains to check out thanks
to Mantic Games.

Mantic’s Aliens Fight Over Ruined Greenville (New Image!)


What do you think about the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game and the terrain that these folks are going to be offering?

Learn More About Mantic’s Survivors For Mars Attacks


Is the new Mars Attacks Kickstarter from Mantic Games getting you excited or have you not felt the bug bite yet?

Mantic Show Off Their Anti-Heroes For Mars Attacks!


Mars Attacks is getting awesome and it’s not far away at all! Check out some of the ‘heroes’ who will be trying to fight off the invasion.

The Mars Attacks Miniatures Game Gets Closer [UPDATED]!


Check out some more of the renders and a nice piece
of artwork that should show off the world of Mars
Attacks that is coming very soon.