Mantic’s Aliens Fight Over Ruined Greenville (New Image!)

September 24, 2013 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been continuing the previews of Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game with a look at some more of the aliens as a whole and the ruins of Greenville itself. Looks like we're getting more terrain from Mantic!

Mars Attacks Aliens

Mantic Greenville Ruins

It all looks to be shaping up pretty well from what we're seeing here and although I'm still not a massive fan of the source material I know a lot of other people are going crazy for this.

The terrain is obviously going to be scaled for 28mm figure so it could be used away from the martian miniatures game too.

Mantic Games also run a very good Kickstarter campaign and they have already thought of their stretch goals. For example they have decided to add in more heroes if they manage to bust through the targets.

New picture that we sneaked out of Mantic halls with!

Martian Squad

Are you hyped?

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