Mantic Games’ Mars Attack Miniatures Game Now Live!

October 4, 2013 by brennon

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The Mars Attacks Miniatures Game from Mantic is now live on Kickstarter and within a short time period it has already hit its target! Let's just dive in!

Mars Attacks Box

Game Layout

The game features two sides, the Martians and the Humans. General Tor is going to be heading to the tabletop, looking to conquer Earth and destroy all humans in their way (see what I did there?). First off let's check out the Alien menace...

General Tor

Martians (Alt)


As you can see, the models are looking pretty damn awesome. Each of them is a singular sculpt and both sets of miniatures has been given a lick of paint to make them useable right out of the box. Saying that though why would you not just paint the miniatures and use them!


US Marines

And then there are the good guys! Above you can see the three survivors that will be in the box and some of the US Marines that will be featuring in the fight against the aliens. I really do like those Marines actually and you could even use them out of the Mars Attacks Game if you wanted to!


The game also comes with this red brick styled modular terrain, which you can use to make the battlefield that little bit more dynamic. It looks like it comes together a lot like the system which was used for Deadzone.

Some more details on the project...

- Martian Mayhem: Mars Attacks is full of wacky events and cinematic action made possible by the simple set of game mechanics that are very easy to learn, and by the game's Event Card deck.

- Story Driven Action: Follow our heroes during the battle of Greenville with fun playable scenarios, each with their own objectives: eliminate the enemy, capture the intelligence - escape the Martian invaders!

- Easy to play: Much like a board game, Mars Attacks is played on a gaming mat made of squares and players take it in turn to activate their models, choosing whether to move, shoot or fight in hand-to-hand combat.

- Simple Dice Mechanics: Shooting and hand-to-hand combat is made easy by rolling eight-sided dice to decide whether a weapon has hit its target, or whether the opponent manages to dodge out of the way.

- Highly Tactical: move a figure out from behind cover and you’re likely to get your model killed. Similarly, ganging up on an opponent or making use of a figure’s special abilities could be the difference between making a clean kill, or engaging in a frantic game of cat and mouse!

Stretch Goals ahoy!

Martian Grunt Upgrade

US Soldier Upgrade

First up we have some upgrades to the Marines and Martians squads that are going to be in the game. They have a more dynamic pose and come with close combat weapons as well it seems! Each of the squad members will be an individual giving them much more character.

Topps Trading Cards

As well as that they have unlocked the special edition cards that you can get covered in lovely artwork from the Topps world. Now that is some ace looking old school alien art!

I'm sure we'll be seeing MORE stretch goals very, very soon!

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