An Attack From Space Boosts Your Mantic Mars Attacks Cast!

September 11, 2014 by brennon

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One of the new booster packs for Mars Attacks by Mantic Games is the rather ominously titled Attack from Space set. In here you get four new heroes including one of them on the back of a huge flea. I'm certainly not joking...

Attack from Space Booster

The low down on these heroes...

"The heroes of IDW’s Mars Attacks comic arrive on your tabletop to make your games even more epic! General Zar, still bitter from his disastrous first mission to earth in 1962 is hell bent on revenge. Buck Spencer, ex-astronaut, veteran, US Senator and all-American hero, desperate to serve his country and his planet one more time. Xiuhcoatl, an Aztec warrior out of his own time who’s found his own way of dispensing justice on the invaders. And Sidney Rose, sitting atop his beloved pet flea Sidney, now the size of a tank thanks to Martian interference."

...and now you see just how crazy the world of Mars Attacks is. There is such a wide range of different heroes and villains popping up in the mythology of the game that there's no end to where you could with characters. In saying that I like the General Zar miniature and Xiuhcoatl but I'm not so enamoured with Buck or Sidney Rose. I just don't like the 'over the top' weirdness of Mars Attacks when it comes to some of their heroes and I'm not entirely sure on the actual sculpt for Buck.

Either way if you wanted plenty of variety when it comes to Mars Attacks then you're going to get it. Plenty of boosters to come I hope!

What do you think?

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