So What’s That Mars Attacks Miniatures Game Sweet Spot?

October 15, 2013 by brennon

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Modern Scenery, US Soldiers, Martians… oh and Flying Saucers! I'm fairly sure you guys know what we're going to be talking about. It looks like there is a very nice sweet spot for Mantic's current Kickstarter.

Pledge #1

The Mars Attacks Kickstarter is going great (ray) guns, in fact it’s just had a fantastic weekend with a plethora of new stuff and great thing about this Kickstarter is you can choose what you want.

Pledge #2

Pledge #3

For example, if you’re looking for some modern day scenery, perhaps for DUST or Zombicide, you can pledge just for the modular plastic Red Brick Scenery.

Mars Attacks Board Render

Of course, if you’re looking for a modern/post-modern set of troops, the US Soldiers are affordable and in plastic – and you’ll be able to pick up a bucket load on the Kickstarter.

Mars Attacks Marines

Mars Attacks Martians

Of course, if you’re in it for Mars Attacks, the deal has got a whole lot sweeter – and what’s great is that since the weekend, a whole raft of Early Bird pledge levels have opened up, meaning you can get the following at an even great discount!!

The pledge level shown at the top of the piece gives you a load of credit that you can spend on Core Add-Ons, and there’s a long list ranging from Saucers to Stealth Martians, Comic Book Vehicles to the Patriot Silverback Flatbed Truck.


If you fill your credit out, you’re getting in the region of $250-$350 worth of stuff at RRP/MSRP prices, for $150 – one hell of a deal, and we’re not even done throwing in Bonus goodies yet!

And as we said, there’s a number of discounted Pledge Levels available where you can get an even sweeter deal.

Prepare you tabletop for invasion, and get yourself a fantastic deal!

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